Challenging myself to blog

Hey everyone,

Just a few days ago, I decided to sign up for the student blogging challenge of March 2010. So today, other than being the last day of February and end of the Olympics, it’s also the start of my first Challenge – let’s BRING IT! 😀

Challenge #1: Write a post about why students and classes should visit your blog. Why is your blog going to be interesting? What will you be posting about? What could they learn from reading your blog?

First off, welcome to my blog, it’s titled: who says penguins can’t fly. It makes me think about challenging ideas and thinking differently. Penguins are one of the only birds that can’t achieve true flight, but that doesn’t stop them because they fly through water and over snow by sliding on their stomachs. Yes, penguins are awesome and they can kick some serious butt!

My name is Clare and besides a minor obsession with penguins and frogs, I spend my time running around or swimming or burning endorphins like that and hanging out with my friends. The rest of it, you’re welcome to check out my About Me page.

I first started blogging the start of this school year because of my Humanities teacher, but it ninja sneaked onto me. Now, I not only blog about my school assignments like the novel study happening in my class, but about things on my mind. I find blogging a very casual, almost chill sort of writing. It’s a little like journaling, but public and with none of the frustrations about daily entries; I can write whenever I feel like it. I blog about adventures that have happened to me and what I think about those things occurring. I guess blogging is my way of thinking aloud.

I’m really excited about the possibilities of meeting other people who blog and all the opportunities for sharing. I hope you’ll visit again,


5 thoughts on “Challenging myself to blog

  1. dear claire, it really touches me by reading your blog even though i need to guess (i’m really sorry for not stydied english hard enough). i like the picture. the title impress me too.The tears just hanging aroud my eyes when the picture of little Claire sitting beside aunty Olivia ,but now she is such a big girl . great job

  2. Hi Clare. I know Mr. Jackson and asked him if he and his students might be interested in participating in a global crowd sourced writing project about the 10 big questions of education. He said you might be interested… so, if this has peaked your interest, stop by the wiki and join in and contribute your ideas and thoughts on the questions.

    Here’s the wiki: I’m moderating Q1 “What is the purpose of school?” and would love it if you could contribute your thoughts on this question. Tell your friends in your class and out on twitter. We need students thinking on these questions!

    Thanks – Brian

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  5. Hello,
    I am a fellow high school blogger from Florida. and was interested to see what you had to say. I hope you will get the chance to read my blog at some point in time. I just figured I would say hello. Hope all is well in Canada!

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