Making meaning of geography

When I first started taking buses, I got lost and had to call my mom and get picked up. I’ve had to ask whether Hawaii was a state or city and I originally thought Amsterdam was in England. You see, geography, really isn’t my strong point.

Moreover, I started Socials 10 this year, knowing that it was possibly the most boring curriculum ever, but I guess I underestimated how awesome talons is. In trying to make sense of this dry topic, our project was to make a 1 minute video of the cultural geography of Coquitlam. It started out a bit of a doggy pile, all of us squished on the deformed sofa at the back of the classroom. A train of ideas formed as we bounced ideas around and somewhere in that puppy excitement we decided on our project manager and the details of props and costumes and how everything was going to work.

The next day, we borrowed a video camera, grabbed our dinosaur costume, tent, plastic guns, and native costumes and filmed everything in the green grass field by the parking lot outside. Another day went by for editing on IMovie and we were done. It’s not the most polished video ever, but as we decided to be engaging and fun, rather than completely historically accurate and sacrificed quality for time, it’s pretty great. The whole experience was a bit dog run but I involved myself as much as possible during the scheming and filming parts. With many more technology-literate people than I am, I wasn’t much of a help during the editing portion. I think my largest contribution would be suggesting to come up with a team name as a production thing and for future projects (plus, it’s something fun that involves team spirit). Thus, our first task as Team Bananas is done and heading off the runway!

If you’re interested, check it out on Youtube here: